Tuck Coffee


We paid attention to every aspect of our brand that we nurtured like a child! We gathered coffee beans of the highest quality from all over the world and brought them here to you! We entrusted the best coffee machines to expert baristas. It is our mission to bring you together with the best coffee!

We are the ones born with 100% Izmir culture and carry our style in Izmir home. Our attitude is clear, we are after the best coffee and unique flavors.

We are TUCK. We set out to prepare good coffee. See you.


So, what is this “3rd Wave Coffee Brewing”? It’s in the mouth of everyone and sounds quite cool but what in the world does “3rd Wave Coffee Brewing” actually mean? Who are these 3rd wave coffee brewers? So, let us explain! In the beginning of the 1900s, the world met with instant coffee. Following mass production and packaged sales, coffee took on a form that was easily accessible. We call this period, “1st Wave Coffee Brewing Movement”. During the 1960s, special forms of coffee such as latte and espresso started to gain importance with the emergence of coffee chains. Let us name this period as “2nd Wave Coffee Brewing Movement”. So, here comes the 3rd wave! This movement developed when extra knowledge, care and attention was added to the coffee production process in addition to the methods that have been in use for centuries. In principle, this movement can be defined as a special understanding of coffee brewing which gives importance to all stages from cultivating coffee to harvesting it, from roasting to brewing. Knowing the differences of coffee beans and giving importance to the different forms of roasting as well as the form of presentation and being attentive with regard to the training of baristas are indispensable for this new wave! And we slect the coffee beans of highest quality and roast them manually just for you. We transform them into those unique tastes that you love with our breing methods and state of the art equipment. We think, we give do justice to 3rd wave coffee brewing movement.

If we have understood what 3rd wave coffee brewing is, let us now talk about the concept of specialty coffee. It is not easy to be the cool kid in the neighborhood, popularity is inevitable. You have many pals, right? But what about best friends! I know you have some criteria about this. For instance, those who give unconditional trust with whom you can share everything are your best friends! It is not easy to get a high score from the Tucker Association of Best Friends. That is exactly what specialty coffee is. Coffees that meet the criteria of the Specialty Coffee Association (SCA) with a score of 80 and above earn the right to this title! Not every pal is a best friend and not every coffee is specialty coffee! Whatever. In order for the coffee bean to be considered specialty, it needs to have the unique taste of its region of cultivation. Using the right roasting method to reveal this unique taste is the part of the task that requires expertise! The unique aroma of the bean comes alive if the coffee is roasted expertly. So, does TUCK have specialty coffee? What kind of a question is this? Of course it has. 4 to be exact! We can almost see the twinkle in the eyes of coffee gourmets. If so, listen closely!

Giving credit to 3rd wave coffee brewing, TUCK appeals to all coffee lovers who consider coffee as more than a hot beverage! With an “extraordinary” brand structure and character, TUCK selects its coffee beans from all over the world and also has 2 single origin espressos with T1 which has a balanced body and acidity as well as T2 which stands out with its more elegant acidity. TUCK embraces the principles of 3rd wave coffee brewing and is of course ambitious in the field of specialty coffees as well! We have a total of four specialty coffees which are Tarrazu, Chanchamayo, Nyeri and Mallorca Natural! Our high quality coffee beans grown in Costa Rica, Peru, Kenya and Colombia are roasted to reveal their unique aromas after which these four specialty coffees are obtained! The understanding that high quality coffee requires respect from plantation to harvesting; from harvesting to presentation makes it necessary to pass these specialty coffee beans over to experienced baristas educated at TUCK. With its brand culture, coffee experience, team and powerful equipment, TUCK strives to satisfy everyone who wishes to experience specialty coffee!