Tuck Coffee

Delivery and Returns

The delivery time indicated in our purchase order includes 100% of tolerance depending on the time we can carry out the delivery. 


In case of any order cannot be delivered due to an error in the indicated address, we get in touch with the ordering party.


The validity of e-mail indicated by our guest is confirmed via automatic e-mail sent upon transmission of the order.


With regard to realization of delivery, we are responsible before the customer, as well as the bank whose credit card system we use.


Delivery Method


In the delivery with courier, the user may be exempt from shipment fee depending on the shopping amount.


Return Details


Each product you purchase is under warranty of manufacturer.


You can return any purchased product within fifteen (15) days as of delivery date, on the condition of not unpacking/distorting/breaking or using the product. Return the product together with invoice, as well as a petition including your order number or turn in slip.


If you think that a package has been damaged during shipment, unpack and check the product in presence of courier. In case of any damage on the product, have a report registered by courier company and do not accept the product. Please bear in mind that you are considered to have accepted the complete fulfillment of courier company’s duty once you accept the product.


Any product which is unpacked, used, damaged etc. cannot be returned.


The customer is responsible for returning the product in its condition at the time of delivery and for compensating the loss of commercial value of the goods because of use, if any.


In case the customer returns the product or renounces purchase, the product fee is refunded within ten (10) days as of its arrival to us. The product fee is refunded to your credit card account by your bank within 2 to 6 weeks. Our company bears no responsibility whatsoever about the mentioned delay.


In case any unpacking, failure, fraction, distortion, tear, use etc. is determined on the product or its package, or in case the product is not returned in its condition at the time of delivery to customer, such product shall not be accepted back and its fee shall not refunded.


Please seek authorized services of manufacturer for any possible failure after delivery of the product to customer.


If the conditions meet above-mentioned requirements, our company shall bear the courier costs.


Reimbursements are carried out within 2 workdays for bank transfer, 3-7 workdays for Credit Card and 7-14 workdays for cash card.  Your bank may not reflect such reimbursements on your account on the very day of transaction. In such case, please get in touch with credit card services of your bank. Once the warning “Canceled” appears for your order, the entire fee is refunded to your credit card or the bank from which you have made the transfer. As for sales by installments, the reimbursements are reflected to your credit card by your bank on monthly basis.